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Christmas appeal

Make a difference this Christmas

Sponsor a woman or child this Christmas

We aim to meet women and children from a place of empowerment. This year with your help we would like to put the power back in womens hands whereby they can buy what they want and need for their children.


How you can help

This year more so than ever your support means we can make a huge difference to a family in need by sponsoring a woman or child for €25

With funds raised through our appeal we hope to put the power back in women’s hands whereby they will be enabled using the vouchers gifted to them to buy their children gifts and other essential items like food, clothing, and toiletries. We ask for your assistance in whatever way you can provide it, no donation is too small, as every gift makes a big difference in someone’s life

Other ways you can help


Round up friends, family and colleagues and feel the warm virtual glow of some festive fundraising.

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