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Aoibhneas recognises that in order to reduce the number of people affected by domestic abuse, we must work towards community and societal change. Aoibhneas provides specialist training to statutory groups, non-statutory groups, family resource centres, women’s groups and specialist domestic violence services responding to domestic violence. We have designed a positive relationships programme, which is delivered to Secondary Schools and Youthreach. All training provided by Aoibhneas is tailored to meet the identified needs of those requesting the training. Our prevention work involves awareness raising, building relationships, promoting understanding of domestic abuse, the need for zero tolerance and working together.

In 2019, we delivered 13 targeted training sessions to Target Counselling, Midwives through Trinity College, Social Care Students at Technology University Dublin, Merchants Quay Ireland, Dublin Simon Community, Crosscare, De Paul Ireland, Family Hubs, North Dublin Regional Task Force, Secondary School Students and Gardaí.

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